Thanksgiving 2016

The concrete is now cut. The noisy and dusty work of busting up the cut concrete and removal is underway.  The old flat concrete floors will be replaced with sloped drainage and a new trench floor drain.

Construction Updates

Early November 2016

We are deconstructing the old space to make room for the brewery and tasting room. Took a bit of head scratching to figure out how we can fit two ADA compliant bathrooms plus storage for grain, but I think we have a solution. Next up, cutting into the concrete to make room for floor drainage.

March 2017

Fermenters and brite tanks arrived.  We now have the capacity to ferment 50 bbl and store 80 bbl. Unfortunately, the brewhouse is delayed until sometime in May, so we have the ability to brew exactly 0 bbl of beer.  We're using the delay to get in some tiling, painting, and other necessary work.   Our solar panels are installed, and we're making progress toward finishing electrical and plumbing.  The irony in starting a brewery is that we've been so busy with construction, we haven't been able to brew at home in months, and are now drinking bottled beer. 

October 2016

After months of negotiations, we have acquired a location and future home of Maelstrom Brewing Company. A former computer repair shop in ParMac / southwest Totem Lake area of Kirkland. Plans are drawn, permits have been obtained, we begin the process of building a brewery from a blank slate. Watch us grow and build over the next several months.

Early February 2017

What a difference a month makes. The trench drain and walk in cooler drain are installed with ventilation. The floor has been reinforced with rebar. We passed our city plumbing inspection. Just when we were ready to have a new concrete floor poured, be got a brief dusting of snow, just enough to delay the pour for a couple days. Luckily, a little rain won't slow a cement mixer. The new sloped floor is poured and must cure before being sealed. The old awnings have been removed and await recovering. We are preparing to install a mosaic glass tile backsplash.

June 2017

Our beautiful Premier Stainless brewhouse arrived and we're busy brewing test batches.  We've got Pale, Kolsch, and Wit, bubbling away in the fermenters right now. 

Mid December 2016

The brewery had its first light dusting of snow as winter arrived. Also our stainless steel trench drain arrived, after being fabricated in Germany it sat in a warehouse in cold Minnesota until being adopted by Maelstrom. We made a lot more noise and dust removing concrete. The bathroom framing is complete. Awaiting the plumbing and electrical trades to work their magic.